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New to the DCU

Thanks to Trish for this info. In case you haven't heard, one of Smallville's characters will be in one of the DC comics.

Chloe Sullivan will be making her comic book debut at some point this spring, probably around Superman #675 if I read correctly. She will be introduced as Lois' cousin.


I am so excited. Now, I don't collect Superman comics because there are just too many of them and it's been going on for sooo long. Plus, I can't afford it. But I would if I could.

I may have to buy this one, though. I *adore* Chloe as a character on SV and I am very interested to see what they do with her. I think I read that she'll be an alternative type journalist, into computer-based media, which would suit her character nicely. I don't know yet whether they'll be making a new character backstory for her, or whether she'll have powers and know Clark in his youth. All of this is subject to change. I'm just reporting what I heard.

So very exciting :) While I can get my Lois and Clark in various forms of media, this will be the first time other than Smallville related stuff I'll get to see Chloe. Awesome. She is one of my fave characters. (The others being Clark, Lois, and Lex, of course.)

Allison Mack sounds excited. You can read about it at Comics Continuum.

Congrats to Allison Mack and Smallville's PTB for making such an engaging character. She'll now be cemented in DC canon :)
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