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Upcoming Changes

Just like everyone else, I have some resolutions set for the New Year. Just like everyone else, I will likely fail them.

But I do plan on some changes here on my journal.

1. My goal is to make this journal more fannish oriented and less about my personal whinings. That has nothing to do with any of you, but everything to do with me. I don't like me very much right now and it has got to stop. However, this won't be just a fannish journal and I'll still be talking about aspects of my life and I know that there will be rants from time to time. Most of those posts will be friends-locked.

2. Fannish diversity. SG-1 is my main love and always will be in terms of fandom. However, you may see more and more posts about Supernatural, X-Files, Smallville, and whatever tickles my fancy. I hope to get back into Star Wars as well. So, don't be surprised if I start talking about several different topics and sometimes all at once.

3. The majority of my writing related posts will now be at my pro-writing journal. That is not to say I won't talk about writing here. I will. I just will be discussing it more in relation to fanfic whereas my other journal won't have anything to do with fandom. If you are interested in that journal or my pro-writing (more specifically my ill-fated attempts), let me know and I'll give you my lj name.

4. Decreased fanfic. (Though whenever I say this I go and write some fanfic.) I need to balance out original fic and fanfic. To be fair to myself, I'll have to slow down my fanfic writing even more to accomdate progress on my original stuff.

Those are the 4 main points I wanted to address. I'm really trying to figure out this whole time management thing (I suck at it) and use my time wisely. Currently, I am wasting too much time by bouncing around online and not focusing enough. Once I'm on a set schedule again, I figure I can be more fannish and participate in discussions. But I'm not going anywhere :)

And just for fun, you all should go to

I've been there before and I know many people have as well, but that place is gold for a good pick me up if I ever saw one.
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