Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
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Previous Ship Discussion

Just for the record, my ship discussion from the other day concerned viewer intent. I wasn't really talking about fanfic or shipper wars or ship vs slash. I believe fandom is a realm of possibility where anything goes. So I apologize for the confusion.

My basic question/interest is why fans (myself included as I have done this in the past) take a romantic subplot and give it so much importance that it becomes THE end goal. Again, I am talking about viewer intent and not what we like to play with in fandom.

I would expect a romance to have a romance ending. I would expect a horror to have a horror ending. Whatever the main theme/genre of the story is should be consistent to the end. There could be subplots, including romance unless the main story is a romance, and those subplots support the main theme of the story.

Example - feeling that LOTR is the story of the romance of of Aragorn and Arwen without really factoring the rest of the story. An aspect of LOTR (Aragorn and Arwen) becomes the main goal/theme whereas many would argue that central theme in LOTR is not this romance.

Everyone gravitates to different aspects of a story. I just get curious over the psychology of why this happens. I can't help it. :)

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