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Help Again! - Final Day Goes Out with a Bang

Hopefully, this will be the last thing to happen to me and 2008 will be good. Please.

You know how for months I've been saying I thought my hard drive was dying? It makes a grinding noise every time I reboot. Very bad. I thought maybe it was the spyware program I had that caused it (it's been doing it since the program was installed) but I'm out of denial now. I've been backing up files and everything just in case, but my computer would usually bounce back.

Okay, last night, I restarted my computer and it wouldn't start up again. Windows wouldn't start. You know how it does that loop thing? So I got the black screen and instructions on how to start normally. I did.

Windows started up.

I am not stupid. I know death is immenient. I've been here twice before.

What do I do? After work, I'm going to run out and get a hard drive. I can't afford it, but with classes coming up I can't afford not to have a computer. What is the best way to copy information? I googled and I saw stuff about cloning and manually copying is harder. And system restore? What is that? (Yes, I am that dumb.)

What is worse is that I have missplaced my operating systems disk from the last time my computer died. If I can grab everything before its death, I shouldn't need that right? If it dies on me prior to picking up the hard drive, am I screwed? Do I need to buy a new operating system? Should I anyway?

Do I need to buy any software to copy my hard drive or whatever I am supposed to do?

*is not computer savy*

God, my room is a disaster and I can't find half my stuff. Trying not to panic here.

It's an old computer but still cheaper for me to get a new hard drive. (The speakers are dying too, but that's not important.) And I'd rather do it myself than shell out tons of money that I don't have to people at Besy Buy or something.

Please help?
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