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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has/had a Happy New Year! Let's hope 2008 is a better year, yes? I think a lot of us could use it.

Also, a very happy birthday to all my January birthday flisters. I don't make it online every single day, so I want to wish you a good one now.

And now for New Year's Resolutions. I know some people hate them and some people like them. They help me to focus even if I fail every single year ;)

New Year's Resolutions

01. Eat healthy/get fit: I've broken this down into smaller goals. I'd love people to join me.
02. Write: The current goal is 500 words a day, original fic. I'll move it up as I progress.
03. Take breaks: Participate when I want. Fandom should be a hobby, not an obligation.
04. Organize: Probably the most important. I need to clear my space as well as my head.
05. Worry less(LOL!): This one I'll probably fail, but I will try. Baby steps.
06. Publish: Get something significant published in 2008.
07. Real Life hobby: Somehow, I will find a hobby where I can meet people. Don't. Like. Bars.
08. Don't let fandom irk me: I still let it sometimes. It's supposed to be fun.
09. LJ fun: Comment more.
10. Less negative: I want to post more on the good things and less on the bad. :)

This year, I am going to try and break all these broad goals into smaller ones (e.g. lose five pounds by the end of the January, write 500 words, clean one corner of my room at a time). I feel good today, and I want to maximize that as much as possible.

I've also finally friended a bunch of you who have friended me a while ago. Often it's just an oversight because I forget, but sometimes I like to have a chance to look through your LJs if I don't know you from anywhere. If I haven't friended you, it still may be an oversight, though I don't tend to friend back if you don't post in your LJ. It's nothing personal. It's just I come for the fandom, and stay for the people.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a better 2008 and I hope the same for you!
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