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15 January 2008 @ 06:58 pm
On Jason Teague  
I was thinking last night a little bit about Smallville and some of the randomness that was S4. Mind you, I am one of the few people that liked S4 or at least what S4 could have been. There were so many good ideas and interesting characters. But it really was lost potential all the way around.

Jason Teague is one of those lost potentials in my opinion. I first caught him in the episodes Facade and Devoted when they initially aired and long before I knew who Jensen Ackles was. I felt like he had a chance of going somewhere beyond playing the mandatory boyfriend plot. Unfortunately, his story was rushed and cut short (Does anyone know why? Was it because he landed the Supernatural role?) and so his character goes down as this off footnote in the Smallville mythos.

I've had this on again/off again relationship with Smallville. I watched on and off through the second half of S1 when it aired and watched all of S2. I left when Clark went to Metropolis on Red K because that annoyed me and turned my attention on Stargate SG-1 instead. I missed all of S3 because of this (which ironically became my fave season) and didn't wander back until S4. (And later wandering in and out of S5 and S6.) While Lois Lane captured my attention in S4, I was intrigued with Jason Teague. Jason wasn't anyone that I could identify with in the mythos. He was new. They could take him places. When Facade and Devoted aired, I rolled my eyes at yet another Lana admirer and I admit some of his goofiness and in your face humor got on my nerves. But he was sweet. It was a nice change from all the psychos that seemed to stalk Lana. I don't feel like Lana always needs to have a boyfriend. (Please give the girl her own plot!) But I would take a normal, if not somehwat sickenly sweet, guy over crazy dead people, meteor freaks, or sociopaths.

What really caught my attention with Jason was his role as assistant coach for the football team. It was great to have another male cast member who played an older guy on the show. Jason could play big brother/mentor for Clark if they'd drop the stupid "I'm dating Lana in secret and it's creepy because she is a kid at the school and I'm a coach" storyline.

I loved the scenes between Jason and Clark. JA and TW had some great chemistry and they had an interesting dynamic that is hard to explain. By now, CLark didn't have really any guys to interact with, aside from his crumbling relationship with Lex. Lionel and Jonathan were parental figures. Pete was gone.

Smallville could have taken this to great places.

Of course, there was the stone storyline, another story that could have been awesome in its own right. Lex and Jason teaming up to try to find the stones, the sneakiness and betryal between all the characters - good stuff. I loved the scenes between Lex and Jason. They worked. It's a shame it was ruined by the lame witch storyline.

But with all of this going on, the final nail in the coffin was speeding Jason through this story of being a nice, decent man to totally losing it at the end. You can argue he always was a little unstable which is fine. But his decent was so rapid it made little sense to me. He was the ultimate Mama's Boy and that screamed creepy incesty things that I don't even want to think about. Maybe that was the point. But in the end, he just because a plot device and not his own character which is a shame. I *liked* Jason. I liked Jason before I knew anything about JA or started watching Supernatural. Heck, SPN didn't exisit at that time. So, it's a shame, really, that the character just served to create tension between Lana and Clark, and then to become a major villian in the end. I think if we'd seen Lana in a normal relationship that just plain didn't work out I would have been more satisifed than watching obsessed corrupt rich families fighting over stones and witches.

Ah, Jason. What could have been. At least the actor moved onto better things.
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The Girl Who Waitedoutintherain on January 19th, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
Hey there! XD

Found you via the XF friending meme :) We have a lot of similar fandoms so I thought I'd friend you :)

Just so you don't think I'm being rude; I have yet to watch Supernatural or Smallville so if I don't comment on those posts, I'm not trying to be rude!
Working for the Mandroid: Like Mothermoonshayde on January 19th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
Oooh. Yes, I don't have enough XF friends. It's one of things that is odd. I love XF. I love it. I watched it when it first aired and I've been waiting forever for a new movie. I just don't seem to talk about the show much. I think it might be because I just don't know many people who like the show or want to talk about it :)

A friend and I run a rewatch community and we can't get people to talk there either LOL Talk people!

I'll be checking out your LJ today. Just so you know I've spoiler free for the movie so I'll be avoiding anything about it. I want it to rock when I go see it this summer :)

And oh! You have an Sanctuary icon. I don't know many people that like Sanctuary!

The Girl Who Waited: Helenoutintherain on January 19th, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
I wandered onto a forum and the people there kidnapped me; that's how I made my friends ;) If you get chatting to anyone on my LJ, they're all pretty damn awesome XF folks :)

I'll have to remember to use cuts for spoilery stuff.. I'm usually pretty good at that!

OMG SANCTUARY!!!!!! *SQUEEGLOMPOFDOOM* I have *never* found another fan outside of the community itself!!!!! I'm myblackrose there; I work for SanctuaryFans and I'm a forum mod... OMG SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Haha I totally had a dream about Amanda Tapping and Emilie Ullerup lastnight... uber random since I haven't even thought about Sanctuary since my holiday started!!!!!
Working for the Mandroid: Sanctuarymoonshayde on January 19th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
You mean that I can actually talk about Sanctuary here and not here the crickets chirp? LOL

I've only watched the first 4 webisodes but I have the others sitting to be watched. I just haven't gotten to them. (I ration.) But I love the show. i really do. I mean, I love AT from Stargate and all, but Sanctuary has this something to it that appeals to me.

I belong to the forum but I never really go and post. Bad me. I should get more involved at some point.
The Girl Who Waited: Frondeskoutintherain on January 19th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
YES!!!! *squeals of joy*

Oh you're in for a treat; 5 is my favourite.. actually I think it's Damian's favourite too... It has a very unique appeal, that's why I got into it right from the very beginning when it was first announced.. it changed my life in a lot of ways. I've had some pretty fun opportunities! XD

They're a really lovely community, you should post! I recommend watching everything first though, we're a bit free with the spoilers I think :p

I love your header!