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SPN 2x01: In My Time of Dying

I'm going to devote just one post to this episode and then I'll get back to posting my thoughts on the other episodes I've seen. I'm about to start "Hunted."

In My Time of Dying

Okay, well this was the first episode I ever saw. I'll always remember it because it was Thanksgiving and the CW was playing reruns. I had gone home because I felt like crap. I was soooo bored. I flipped around a lot to see what was on TV. I was frustrated and I think I ended up on the Food Network. But I kept going back to Supernatural. I remember when I was surfing, I kept seeing images of Dean and the chick. I knew from the description he was in a coma.

Now, I've finally seen the entire episode and in context. I'm not quite as harsh as I was here. I still stand by my assessment that SPN is a bit predictable and the ideas they use are nothing new. To be fair, this is standard of most TV, film, and literature. The key is making it interested and fresh, along with some excellent suspense, and I feel that Supernatural does just that.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes. I've seen all of S1 now and I've seen a little more than half of S2, though that's mostly out of context. Still, this is going to be one of those episodes I'll never forget. It had strong family caring, arguments, Dean in peril, and that fateful deal that John made with YED. Who can forget the scene where Sam finds his father?

Aside from John's sacrifice, I think the part that stuck out for me the most was the running theme of becoming what you fight. The fact that Dean could become an angry spirit, the very thing he battles every day, is very poignant. I thought that entire theme and the associated scenes were played very well.

I love this episode.

I wonder, though, just how much this episode influenced my views of the show. I saw the first season after I had caught the end of this episode, so I knew what was coming. I watched Season 1 with the lens of what will be not what could be. I saw John in light of his sacrifice and Dean and Sam in light of that scene where John whispers to Dean.

I'm a Dean fan. I love both of the brothers, but it's obvious I favor Dean. The reason I favor him is a bit of a mystery to me. It could be because my first episode was about Dean or it could be because I knew Jensen Ackles from Smallville. It could be that I'm an overprotective older sibling and I understand where he comes from more than half the time. It could be because, scarily, I relate to many of his motivations. It's probably a mix of all of these things. I may post thoughts on that some time soon.

But in the end, I enjoy them both and I get testy if too much attention is placed on Dean or Sam alone. I like some balance. For the most part, the show has done a good job with it.

I'm satisified
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