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Smallville: Persona and Siren

Okay, earlier I caught up with SPN. Now, I just watched the last two SV eps I missed. Both shows are so good this season! The only problem with watching back to back is that the eps kind of bled together in my mind, but I think I did okay keeping the episodes separate in my post.

I enjoyed this episode. One thing I like about this season is that they keep touching on necessary issues that the characters should be having. We got confirmation that Jor-El stuck Clark in the FOS. Bizarro does like Lana, which makes him pretty much like Clark. Brainiac was back! YES! And Lex was awesome.

The Good
*Chloe could tell that Bizarro was not Clark
*Clark and Lana on the rocks
*Lex is evil

I liked how we continue to have a good storyarc going this season. The Clark and Lana stuff has been really, really good. You have two people struggling to hold on even though all the writing is on the wall. They should have done this a couple of years ago. But I finally have some sympathy for Lana. I do feel for her this season which is an improvement. Both are just holding onto a dream, and that was demonstrated perfectly with the fact she couldn't even tell she wasn't with Clark for a month.

Brainiac was masterful as always, easily playing everyone to get what he wanted. Lex was creepy, cool, and killed Julian? That was just wow. I really don't have any complaints about this episode. They did a great job with it.


Another good episode. This episode felt closer in tune with the comics than I thought it would. I don't know Grene Oliver or Black Canary well, but I got the vibe this was pretty spot on in a lot of ways. More evil Lex. Clark being heroic. Good stuff.

I really liked Oliver this time around. I liked him last year, but this episode he was even better. I don't know. I felt like I could see more of his inner emotional side come this time around. And he really loved Lois which made this episode even harder.

The Good
*Black Canary and Grene Arrow banter
*Lois/Oliver - Lois discovering his secret
*Clois scene!!
*Lex evil
*Lana and Clark fallout

The Bad
*Grant seems to be brushed under the rug by many of the characters. He was mentioned but it was off. I mean the poor guy just died.

It was good episode. The Lois breaking up with Oliver scene made me cry. Lex was just perfect here. Oliver was fantastic and I liked Black Canary a lot. I liked how Chloe was helping out Oliver. The pro bono remark cracked me up. I bet Oliver does pay well LOL Again, I liked how Lana is trying to shape up and deal with the fallout.

Clark has been great. He feels heroic. i fele like he's close to who he should be but he's just stuck in denial. I feel bad for him as much as Lana. They just aren't working. They're trying, and that's noble, but Clark's heart doesn't seem to be in it. I think he loves Lana. He's just not in love with Lana.

One thing I am uneasy about is how they keep pushing towards Lois liking Clark. I mean she doesn't even realize it which makes it fine, but if they are going to hint at anything on this show, I would prefer it be on Clark's side since that lines up with the mythos better. We already know he has some feelings for Lois physically and he cares for her. I appreciate they don't go near Clark/Lois while he's with Lana because then I would get angry. But hopefully before the end of the show, he'll start to realize he's closer to Lois than he thought. That's all I'm asking. So far, I think they're handling Lois and Clark's friendship very well, and this season they seem to have really gotten the Clark and Lana thing right.

My thoughts of course. YMMV. Next week's ep looks cool, though.
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