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Do You Sue?

Mary Sue, that is.

Come on. Admit it. If you're a fanfic writer, it's likely that at some point or another, you have written a Mary Sue. If you haven't, awesome for you. But if you have, it's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Mary Sues tend to form early in our writing careers and can be used as a marker for progress over time. (Of course, then you have the ficcers and the pros that never let go of their Sue. That's another story for another day.)

So, do you Sue? I sure did. Why not share your tale of Miss Wonderful with us all? I'm sure it will brighten our day. Doesn't matter the fandom. Let's all have a good laugh.

My Sue was named Essence Liivion. (EssieLiv? Oh yes. That EssieLiv.) She was a character in my Star Wars fanfic novels that I wrote when I was 14.

She was the bestest character EVER. She was special. She was awesome.

Why was she special? First of all, she was gorgeous. Not just pretty, but this drop dead gorgeous magical beauty that made people just stop. All the men loved her and the ones that didn't, wouldn't admit their secret admiration for her. For you see, she just wasnt beautiful, she had spunk. She spoke her mind. She was strong. Most women hated her because she was so omg awesome, but what did they know? They'd come around eventually.

She had fiery red hair and this emerald eyes that were like green marbles. She had perfect porcelain skin. (She outgrew her freckles, of course.) She had tons of money and power and respect.

But that's not all. She also had Luke Skywalker.

See, she grew up with her grandmother on Tatooine. She was Luke's best friend in their childhood. She moved away as they entered their teen years after her grandmother got dementia, just as Luke was becoming close to Biggs. In my stories, they met after time apart and rekindled their friendship. Only, they were in denial over how much they cared for each other.

That's not all, though. How did she get all that power?

She was the Emperor's daughter, of course. Not that he wanted children, but it happened. He tried to kill her (but she didn't know) until he realized he could use her to advantage. So, he kept her around and she became pro-Empire and anti-Jedi.

So, OMG! Will Essence get over the differences between her and Luke so they can recognize their One True Love?! Because you know, it was ALL about her.

But wait. There's more.

Her mother was from this race of special people that had awesome powers of persuasion. They were a selfish destructive race and could control people with just their presence. Essence, only half of this race, had limited powers and it would express itself mostly through her singing. (Yes! She could sing!) But she still had a magnetic personality. So she had to fight against herself, her past, and her twu wuv.

And she had the Force.


When I started rewriting the novels in my late teens, I tried to dampen the Sueness of her character, but most of these traits remained. If I were to go back and make all the changes I wanted to make, she would be a lot less of a Sue, but at this point, I am more concerned with my own writing to worry about correcting old fic. Besides, it's all part of the learning experience. I can always mine some of my better ideas and integrate them into other stories at a later time. But I'll always have these old stories to look back on.

Thank goodness I never posted them online. The only person that really read them had Mary Sue issues of her own ;)

So that's my story. What is yours?
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