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My First Fanfic

Oh yeah. I'm going there.

When I was talking about my Mary Sue last week, I started thinking about my first fanfic. (Well, my first first fanfic was actually a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic with art and dialogue. I don't have that scanned yet, so maybe once day I'll show you what that was about. But for the time being, we'll go with my first written fanfic.) My first fanfic included my Mary Sue, though to my surprise, when I dug up my old notes and handwritten pieces, she is not in it. She must have been planned for later on and I never got to it.

So what I have here is actually my very first draft of my first fanfic before I added the Sue, changed the direction of the story, changed the names, and finished it. I also have the subsequent drafts that followed, each cringeworthy in their own right, but nothing is as special and embarrassing as this first draft.

It's particularly notable if any of you have read any of my fic to see the vast difference from something written by a snotty forteen year old know-it-all, and a snotty twenty-something know-it-all ;) Of course, I think first fanfics speak for themselves.

Below is a snippet of a scene from this first fanfic. I believe the title ended up being Star Wars: Resurrection of Evil. Oh yeah.

Han narrowed his eyes and began to walk out.

Isabella looked at Chewbacca and the droids.

"I would like some privacy with my son," she demanded.

"Argrrr ghar," howled Chewbacca.

"All right, Chewie," Han yelled. "You can come if you catch up."

"Come on, Artoo. Let's leave," ordered Threepio.

"BEEP BOO OP DBOO," beeped Artoo.

"What do you mean, no? You will come now," demanded Threepio.

With that Artoo-Detoo rolled over to Luke.

"dEE oopt," he whistled, trying to nudge Luke to waken him.


"dOO Beep," beeped Artoo loudly. He wasn't very happy. He didn't want to leave but everyone was against him so he complied.

Isabella shut the door and smiled.

Now wasn't that special? Go ahead and laugh. It's okay. I'm laughing right with you.

So you know, the premise is that this woman claiming to be Luke and Leia's mother popped up. Our heroes, the intelligent people that they are, were all snowed over by this Sue in the making. In actuality, she was a Force witch who was after Luke (of course she was) and sent him into a coma to dig into his mind for information. She was working for someone who had claimed himself the heir to the Imperial throne and they needed as much info on Vader and the Emperor that they could get. Luke was the best source for this I guess.

I'm especially impressed with the random caps and the redundant speech tags. Got to love the one sentence paragraphs.

The rest of what I see here is filled with more character assassination. The characters are incredibly stupid. I can't believe how vacant Leia is. And I've liked Leia. Luke is kind of middle of the road. Han is fairly stupid. Lando is actually the brightest of the bunch, aside from Artoo who gets everything. While Lando has always impressed me with his cunning, he just comes off way way too smart here only because everyone else are idiots.

Again, save Artoo ;)

When I think back, I think I really should have known better. I always was praised for my creative writing works in school and this is particular low-quality coming from someone in their freshman year of high school. In fact, I am crazy enough to hold into all my notes and I can see that I changed direction, style, everything with this story very soon afterward.

That doesn't make it any better, though ;)

But I like to show this as proof that anyone can write bad fanfic. I joke and laugh and snicker at badfic on the net, but maybe one day some of those seriously bad writers will grow and learn and write something that will blow us all away. I look at my writing now and it's leaps and bounds beyond this. I'm still learning. I may not be the best of the best, but in terms of my own personal growth, I've come a long way.

So, for those of you who write, I dare you to post a piece of your first fanfic or if it's on the net already, post the link and a little snippet. Go ahead. Put it out there for everyone to see. Embrace it and be proud. You've come a long way, baby :)

(If any of the artists want to play, bring up one of your first pieces of art and compare it to something you made recently. Blows your mind, huh?)
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