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Revenge of the Sith!

Wheeeeeeeeeee! I saw the Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer. Wow! Woohoo! Excited! Watch, the movie will still probably suck, but the trailer was cool anyway. I am starting to question Sith hygiene, though. Okay, I will post under a cut. It doesn't reveal much, but just in case there are people that don't like any shread of being spoiled...

OMG! What a cool trailer. This is what I was hoping for from the other movies! But I am not getting my hopes up just yet. It starts off with:

Luke Skywalker! Yay! (Don't worry Daniel; I still love you, too.) You can never go wrong with stock footage from the originals LOL

Anyway, we have that poignant scene where Luke is gazing at the suns of Tatooine. Then we hear Ben start talking from A New Hope, talking about the Jedi, and the Empire, the Dark Times, Darth Vader, etc, etc. They show him too, but they show clips of Ep III, Ep II, and Ep I while Old Ben is talking.

Nice clips...There is this smug Palpatine. Obi-Wan doing his WTF face. Padme hugging Anakin. Mace going all out. Yoda looking pissed. Wookies. Threepio and Artoo. Some ships. More wookies. I think I saw the Falcon? More wookies. Some guy with icky lines on his face (New Bad guy, I think.) And wookies!

So those are the okay shots. What caught my attention? Eyes! What's up with the Dark Side? Make you go all glowy or something? Anakin turns around and bah! He has Palpatine eyes! What is up with that!! It's downright creepy! The lava pit, of course. Anakin and Ben fighting at the lava pit. Obi-Wan looks like he's totally in shock. They have it out and poor poor Obi-Wan. Anakin is ready to murder him.

Lord Sidious wielding a lightsaber? He is Palpatine right? We're sure on this? Where did his teeth go?! How do you lose that many teeth and look like a maniac all in one film? He was darn scary looking. I was like, there's my Palpy! I remember you. Return of the Jedi flashbacks. He was doing the nasties, for sure.

Then of course...we hear Palp's voice (the one we have grown to love and hate from Ep 6) telling Lord Vader to rise. And there you have it. Darth Vader. Vader. I missed him. And he's back! Voice and all saying, "Yes, my Master." Aw!

Vader Vader Vader Vader!

*sigh* Anyway, I should end my excitement there because I am afraid I won't like the film. But, hey, I like the Star Wars universe, so we'll see.

Back to your regularly scheduled normalcy.
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