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Procrastination Much?

So I posted a couple of days ago about taking a few days off to do some much needed heavy duty schoolwork vs procrastination. (And avoid thinking about the scary 3-0.)

Can you guess which one won?

Mind you, I will be scarce for the next few days as I finish creating my history unit, but I needed to escape for a while. My comments have been horrible lately, so if I forgot to reply, sorry! And I'm doing my unit on ancient writing systems. It's fun. Just a lot of work, so...

Things I Would Like To Be Doing

1. Writing. As in Original Fic. I have a few deadlines looming, but I'm pretty sure I can make them if I focus enough.

2. Watching Ark of Truth. I heard a lot of people liked it. It's sitting here, waiting.

3. Finishing Farscape. I have one episode left and then the miniseries.

4. Finally watching SGA. I'd like to try out S4.

5. Exercising. Because I need to get back into a set pattern.

Things I Would Like To Be Doing But Shouldn't

1. SG-1 Fanfic. I have so many WIPs to finish!

2. Reading Fanfic. I'm still behind on reading fanfic. And that's including close friends. Close friends always come first.

3. SPN fanfic. I've got 2-3 more ideas that won't leave me alone. Like paranoid!Dean or a fic sneaking John into the story. I really want to write them. I really shouldn't.

4. Vidding. I wanna try again. I've only ever made one and that was a few years ago.

Things I Should Be Doing Now

1. Working on this history unit ;)

*sigh* I probably should do *something* constructive today.
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