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I just finished watching Season One of Lost and I figured I'd post a few thoughts on it.

It's not bad. This isn't really my kind of show - I tend to watch shows that are more openly weird, fantastic, or scifi - but it's decent. I credit the writers in creating something that is mysterious and suspenseful, and for making characters who each have their own distinct personalities. The large cast allows for a lot of range. I can appreciate that. It also suits how they want to drag out the plot for so long. If you do this character one week and another character another week, then you realistically hold off huge plot points because everything is progressing through the eyes of certain characters.

There are some characters I like more than others. At this time, I prefer Sun and Jin, Charlie and Claire, Sayid, and Hurley. Maybe Micheal. (I like how natural that guy's acting comes off.) I'm on the fence about Sawyer. Sometimes I kind of like him, other times I could care less. John Locke is an interesting character. I'm pretty much indifferent to everyone else. I only started to like Boone when he died. (Isn't that always the case??) My least favorite aspect is the weird forced love triangle thing they've tried to establish between Jack/Kate/Sawyer.

No big surprise here...the episodes I found myself more invested in were episodes that were just plain strange. Like the Claire flashback episode about her baby. Or Hurley and his numbers. Though, I do like others that are more normal as well - anything with Sun and Jin and Sayid.

Unless something happens to really grab me, I can't see me getting really involved in this show. However, it is very well crafted and, for me, it's good to watch as a casual viewer. I don't need to be obsessed with every show out there. :)

So, on to Season Two we go!
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