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Belly Dancing for the WIN

What have I been doing over the past few days? I'm buried in work, of course. Lots and lots of work.

But when I was ready to start punching things, I decided to go for a workout.

I tried belly dancing.

OMG, most fun EVER.

This something I will have to continue to explore.

In other news, I hate that my Thursday class gets out in the middle of SPN. I'd much rather it get after or before because walking into the living room in the middle of the show sucks.

However, my mother apparently has hated tonight's episode with a passion I didn't know existed. Crap. That bad? Now I am sad :(

I guess I'll watch it later and catch up on SV this weekend.

I did get to see the preview for next week's episode. Uh oh. Is it May 1st yet?
Tags: life, tv: supernatural discussion/meta
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