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Feedback Meme

I've been watching too much SPN. I just thought I saw a man standing in our hallway from the corner of my eye. When I turned my head, nothing there. Hmph.

Fanfic Meme stolen from luzitasg1:

Why fic? Why not original stories?

Hmm...I do both. In fact, I do more original writing than fanfic writing these days.

But why fanfic? I find it easier. Safer. It's not as scary as original fic. Certainly, fanfic has its own set of difficulties, but the characters are ready made and the universe is set. I just have to come up with the suspense and plot.

I've had to ease up on fanfic to further my original writing career. I still go back to it as a break or nice escape though :)

Do you, as a fanfic writer, write for feedback?

Yes and no. I won't lie. I've written fic for feedback. I've written fic tailored for certain parts of fandom. And you know what? It made me miserable so I don't usually do it. That is not my norm. And as I've become more and more comfortable with myself, I feel less reliant on the self-gratification of feedback. I don't need to cater to different fangroups to validate my writing. Now, I just write whatever comes to mind. If it is something that will have a better chance at being popular, so be it. If it is something that only two people might read and never feedback, so be it. For me, it's all about the concept :)

Do you post fanfic for feedback?

Well, if you're writing for feedback, then really, you're posting it for feedback, too. If you're writing it for the sake of writing, then not really. I believe that most fanfic writers are a combination of both of these. The balance is thrown off, sometimes it's more about feedback and other times it's more about the story. So, that would apply to me as well.

Do you expect reviews?

Yes. Not because I feel I always feel I deserve them. I guess just because I am used to them. I may not get like 200+ reviews, but fandom has been very kind to me regarding feedback and reviews. I still am shocked when I come across a recommendation or someone writing up something about my writing on their websites.

Why else would you post fic?

There are so many reasons aside from feedback to post fic, though I think feedback is the main motivation for most people, whether you vocalize it or not. I post fic because I have to get my ideas out there. I want to share. I'm driven to share. I'm also satisfied by the feeling of accomplishment of seeing my fanfic posted online. It's there. It feels real.

Of course, I love feedback. Who doesn't? I won't deny that feedback is a part of fanfic writing. But if I was solely about feedback, I wouldn't keep writing no matter what. I wouldn't be writing original fic - that is a very lonely process.

Another part of fanfic I don't think many people like to admit is the recognition. Your name is out there. You post and there you are.

As much fun as fanfic is and how much we enjoy it, I think these reasons serve as reminders and warnings as well. It's awesome to embrace the fan culture and have fun, but beware the traps and pitfalls that feedback and the strive for popularity creates. If you are aware of that, then fandom should be more fulfilling :)
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