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Smallville WTF?

I'm caught up on SV now and those eps were AWESOME. I will post on them later.

Right now, I'm talking about casting and new characters for next season. Obviously, if you consider casting/character info for next season to be spoilers, don't click.

Okay, so...two new villians for next season. We'll see a Lex linked villianess named Tess. (Nod to the movies?) That sounds a lot like Mercy. Now, Mercy is very awesone. I love Mercy. I'm not sure how SV will handle her though. And I am still really sore about no Lex in S8. I mean, for me at least, SV has always been about the parallels between Clark and Lex. I understand that Lex is now his iconic self, or at least super close to it. MR has really been amazing this season. It's like S3 Lex awesomeness all over again. It's hard for me to get past SV without Lex. TW and MR make this show *sigh* I hope HOPE that MR can at least do some guest spots.

Best of luck to the actor though.

Then they are bringing in...Doomsday. WTF? You bring in the thing that killed Superman on a show that doesn't have Superman yet? Clark can't even fly! That is going to be one short fight.

Now, I've seen some speculation that this other new series regular, this Davis Bloome guy (bartender at the Ace of Clubs with a shady past) could be SV's spin on the character. I wouldn't be opposed to that. Then again, I'm not a comic diehard. Maybe the comic lovers can understabably be upset about that. I don't know.

But now we might lose AM too. For the cast to take such a heavy hit, I don't know. I love Chloe, too, and I want her character to at least have a nice sendoff if she leaves. Most characters have not received a great sendoff on this show, though.

This might sound mean, but KK's departure doesn't bother me as much. I think KK is a great actress. It's just poor Lana has nothing to do. If they could finally get her right, I wouldn't mind her staying.

At the end of the day, I'll still watch. I watch this show for Clark, after all. The other characters are not absolutely necessary. I say this as a Cloiser. They could lose Lois and Jimmy and I'd still keep watching. This is Clark's story. I just find losing MR is the biggest hit it can take. Heroes are so much more heroic when you can compare them to a villian that has taken the fall. Lex filled that perfectly.

So we'll see.

So...this might have sounded ranty but it's not. I'm just a little hesitant for next season. For the most part, the backhalf of S7 has been amazing, so amazing it feels like series finale material. I just can't see how they can do better than what they have now. I don't want S8 to jump the shark or seem like a let down after the season finale arc we've been enjoying.

We'll see!
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