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SV: 7x18 Apocolypse and 7x19 Quest

Okay, semester is over! Yay! So I'm going to give brief thoughts on my shows. I don't even know why I do this. Seems like a waste of time. But I do it anyway!


Okay, I loved it. I admit it. It was classic Superman mythos all over. It sort of bad me sad that we don't get more of this because CLark is kind of remedial :(


The Good
*Lois Lane - we get to see what she'll be like in the future. And she is awesome, yay!
*Lex Luthor - ditto. YAY!
*Chloe was happy and AM was so very stunning in her scene I wished I could get that look.
*Clark all proactive

Um, you know what? There is so much good in this episode I can't cover it all. Let's just say it's one of my faves. But most importantly, it proved that Lex would go bad even if Clark hadn't been in his life. That makes me feel a little bit better about Clark. I know he helped contribute to Lex's fall, but this demonstrates that even if Clark had been wonderful and open to Lex, in the end Lex would have probably done the same thing to Clark that he did to Kara. Lex was just too parnoid and insecure. Poor Lex.

The Bad

The end. Okay, sending Clark back in time for like 5 minutes is stupid. This should have been a two parter. The end was rushed and uneven and looked bad.

But it certainly was an fantastic episode :)


I liked the godly imagery in it. I think it really showcased how people could take Clark's superhuman status and make him into somethign scary. And it's good to see that all the Teagues are insane. I do appreciate that they try to make the Teagues sympathetic, though.

It was a great episode. MR was fantastic yet again. (Hasn't he been amazing this season?) And I enjoyed all of the Clark and Lex stuff. I kind of wish they would give Chloe more to do, though, considering.

But I loved the episode. The second half of S7 has just been stellar.
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