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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

So, I finally finished this series and I have some general comments about it.

Well, I liked it. It has massive issues and is far from a perfect show, but I liked it. I felt like there was heart and soul in this show, something I can't say about a lot of shows on TV. That is what kept me watching. I knew there substance beneath the craziness.

First, the things I didn't like. OMG, the plots. What? I understand that this was a 90s show and that it played on a family channel, but really? They were insane. I know I don't have much of an argument for a show based off a comic book, but wow. Does stuff like this work better in comics? I think it does. I've read and collected comics before and I never had too many issues with the wacky. But on the TV screen I have a harder time. I think that kind of crazy doesn't translate well with live action. I mean the Superman cartoon could pull off some wild plots, but it was a cartoon and they had the ability to do so creatively and artistically.

Next, I hated the villains. Superman mythos, in my opinion, has always had a weakness with their villains and it showed in the series. I'm a huge fan of comedy. Don't get me wrong. I love it when Superman mythos is funny. Too much angst is boring. (I'm looking at you, SV.) But it wasn't the comedy that was the problem. It was how they used the comedy for the villians and the insane guest spots that were on this show. They were just bizarre and made me cringe. Many of the plots would have worked if the villians weren't so weird.

Everyone in the world in love with Lois Lane got kind of old. It's a good thing I was already desensitized from that through Lana Lang of Smallville.

Finally, I disliked the over use of schoompy talk between Lois and Clark. I know it's been done in the comics and stuff, but it just wasn't very realistic. I know they love each other. I get the point they are soulmates. But could you tone it down just a notch? I'd rather see too people very much in love investiagting crimes than see them pine for each other.

You'd think I hate the show LOL I don't. Onto the good stuff and other comments.

Dean Cain played an incredible Clark Kent. I loved his portrayal of the character. He really fleshed out Clark in a way we haven't seen before. I know it's based mainly on the revamp that happened after Infinite Crisis, but just the same, he brought a lot of spirit and fun to Clark while still keeping to the mythos and keeping Superman a separate entity. My one complaint was that he was a little too perfect and should have had more problems and flaws, but the positive really outweighed the negative. Also, Clark's progression through the series was a joy to watch.

Teri Hatcher did a decent job at Lois Lane. I'll be honest; she is not my favorite. I found her Lois to be a little too flaky/feminine to the Lois that I had always envisioned. But her chemistry with Dean Cain made up for it, imo, and it worked. I think the biggest problem is that after Lois knew the secret, they didn't let her be competitive and aggressive and funny too much. I can understand her losing some of that edge, but she didn't need to lose so much of her fire and personality. I blame that on the writers. You CAN have a spunky story with Lois married to Clark and knowing his secret. They proved it could happen in some episodes and in others they dropped the ball. It's just poor writing.

Lex Luthor wasn't my favorite, but the show suffered without him. Actually, the first season was by far the best, imo, and I know there was some massive firing at the end of S1 or something. That's too bad. Investigative reporters for the win! But even so, S2, S3, and S4 were enjoyable and every season had it's bright spot. I'm going off topic...even though he wasn't my fave Lex, he really set the bar for future Lex Luthors and I appreciated that. I really missed Lex when he was gone. I'm pretending he's still around ;)

Best Perry White ever. No other Perry will compare. Seriously. He was Perry White and he always will be.

Ma and Pa Kent and the whole Kent dynamic was truly awesome. I loved their role and how Clark relied on them and loved them. And the suit! I adore the pilot.

And finally (since I think I've gone off enough and can't really think of anything else) I loved how it was the first Superman show to show us Lois and Clark together. It's obvious I am a Lois/Clark shipper. Clark, Lois, and Lex are my fave mythos characters. To finally see them get together and function, both through the good and bad, was great. I wish more movies/shows would do that. There is so much to explore and no one ever wants to take the chance to discover it.

Anyway, those are my rambly thoughts on Lois and Clark. I enjoyed the series. It was fun and while often campy, it had the heart and soul that makes a show stick with you. Yay Superman :)
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