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LJ Cleaning

I am discovering that cleaning up my LJ is a lot of work. Last night, I consolidated a bunch of my links and tags. This morning I started to leave various communities that I never participate in or that haven't been updated in like a year. I'm sure I'll be cutting some more as the week progresses.

I've begun to clean up my user info and try to organize it so it's neat and easy to read. It's not like most people check user info anyway (and I can be bad for that myself) but it's too cluttered and I don't like it.

The next LJ task I'll be tackling will probably be my icons. I don't use like half of them, and I'd like to find or make some more that I'll enjoy using.

Then I'll hit my website. That's another disaster LOL

But for now, I should get back to work. I'm swamped with work and I also have research for a novel to complete.

So, if you run into something funky or off-center here on LJ, I'll be fixing it soon. I can tell you this: doing something as tedious and boring as organizing my LJ has been a nice stress reliever :)

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