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Reminder: Supernatural Hiatus Party

I've been tagged for memes and stuff and I will get to them soon, but in the meantime, I just want to post a reminder that on Friday June 20 meg_tdj and I are throwing a Supernatural chat. Anyone is welcome to come and chat and play. We'll be watching episodes and playing games and having fun. Hopefully, my computer will cooperate so I can watch episodes too. Yes, I am talking to you, computer.

The chatroom opens at 5pm EST and will extend well into the night. It's not unheard of people being in the chat super super late, so even if you are in different time zones, please drop by.

meg_tdj is polling for eps on her LJ and has more information on what is planned for the night. Instead of just repeating everything, here is the link to her post:

Supernatural Chat and Event Info

I hope many of you will come. We should have a real fun time just getting together and chatting away about the show. I know I'm excited :)
Tags: tv: supernatural discussion/meta
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