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Out of My Comfort Zone Meme Answer #1

beanpot asked me: What are the things (if any) that make you put down a book and walk away?

That is a good question. I don't read as much as I should, since having been corrupted by fanfic and lost in the world of non-fiction. (Though, my plan is to remedy this starting next month. Yay for more reading again!)

That said, to be honest, it is very rare that I put down a book and walk away. Even the crappy ones I will read to the end. Maybe it's my stubbornness or my need to know how it ends no matter how bad it is.

Now, sometimes I will put a book down and due to time constraints don't pick it back up for a long time. It's rare, but when that happens it's usually because:

1. Thickly written accents. Look, I appreciate that you want to show your characters have accents, But it's hard to read and it breaks the pace for me.

2. Long, long, long passages of description. I honestly don't care about the history of ivy. Seriously.

Those are just two examples. And I read those two books to the end even if it pained me to do so.

But I can see myself putting a book down and never going back if the author romanticized rape, incest, or any kind of child abuse. I'll pass, thanks.

I'll answer the other questions in a bit. If you still want to ask me anything, please do so here:

Please feel free to also link me to yours -- I'm behind on the LJ fun stuff -- that way I can do the same for you :)
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