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Out of Comfort Zone Meme Answer #2

stargazercmc wanted to know about my music tastes/preferences and why I think they are what they are.

For the record, I love music. I love it. I just rarely talk about it. So here you go.

I've always loved music. My mom loves music and used to sing to me when I was a baby. She was always involved in choir as a child and even today she sings. (I did the choir thing myself and didn't realize until recently I miss it.) She also could play the organ, and we had one when I was little. My dad likes music too, thought not quite as outwardly as my mom. I would have been very surprised if neither of us (me and my bro) liked music.

We started out with the basic stuff, like Winnie the Pooh records - yes, records - and Mickey Mouse stuff, but even when I was little, little I listened to country! Dolly Parton and whatever group sang the song Elvira. Man, I loved my Elvira 45.

I was influenced by shows like Solid Gold. In the early 80s, I had a mad obssesion with the song "Gloria" by Laura Brannigan and "Loney Heart" by Yes. I'm not quite sure if those are the exact titles, but I still love those songs today.

And who can forget Disney music?

I was a child of the 80s and a teen in the 90s, so much of what I listen to is shaped by those two decades. I love a good rock ballad and the fun pop songs still make me smile. I get a chuckle out of synth. My first cassette tape was the Ghostbuster soundtrack, followed by that big album of Whitney Houston's with the song "Greatest Love of All" on it. Those tapes were quickly followed by more and more as I blossomed into a deep musical interest in the late 80s. This was a turning point for me. I would never be the same again, and there was no going back. Music would forever be a deep motivator for me from now on.

Remember Tiffany? Debbie Gibson? And who could forget New Kids on the Block. (Oh, Joey.)

I've always been more of a rocker than not. In 5th grade, I felt like a rebel for liking Guns n' Roses. We (my class) would go to the local skating rink and go nuts to "Paradise City" in the rink. By the late 80s into the 90s, I was listening to all the popular rock at the time. Metallica, Skid Row, whatever was on MTV and the radio stations. But I still liked pop and softer sounds as well.

As the 90s went on, I discovered New Age and went nuts with it. Enya, Yanni, Enigma...I expanded into other types of fushion music, like Cusco, Delirium, Adiemus, and others.

Alt Rock became big and grabbed onto that in all my teen-angst glory.

I discovered video game music. Ethnic music. Dance music. Classical.

By the time 2000 hit, I had an eclectic musical palette. But it kept growing. I enjoyed bits of music from just about every genre and started to begin appreciating older music, stuff I had vehementaly stayed away from as a teen because it was "my parents' music." And most recently, Supernatural has introduced me to classic rock.

There are still some genres I don't care for much. I don't like country, despite my country beginnings. I'm not a fan of rap or R&B. And I don't like metal that is so heavy that I'd feel more comfortable listening to real metal grind itself. Yet, even though I don't like these genres, I can appreciate a good song and there are rap and country songs I do like.

I learned early that music moved me in a way that I can't properly describe. There is a power to music, something that awakens something inside of me, and it fuels my emotion. For me, music is emotion. It captures so much and in ways that can't always be put into words. It opens a door in me that allows me to feel and live, and then I take those feelings and translate them into words of my own design. It is the essence of my fiction writing.

Music is my soundtrack. It the soundtrack of my life and of the life I put into my writing. Everything you read from me is touched by music somehow, and therefore carries a piece of me inside it. :)
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