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Commentary on Spell

There are quite a few episodes of Smallville that embarass me, but the one that tends to take the award for stupidest episode is Season Four's Spell.

I know some people like Spell. I like the concept. I think the actors did great with it.

But, oh Spell. You make me cringe.

That said, I finally listened the commentary for it since I've heard it was really funny. And it was done by Kristen (Lana), Allison (Chloe), and Erica (Lois.) The other person was either the writer or the director? I admit I didn't pay much attention to him...

They were so funny. You could tell they get along and they had a good time. Some cute funny highlights:

**The girls making fun of Clark. I love awkward Clark myself and think TW does a great job with the role. But who doesn't have fun poking out how much of a dork Clark can be sometimes? Apparently TW likes to make fun of him too ;)

**The entire dancing/barn scene. Just listening to them laugh was a hoot. Allison laughing as her possessed character stuffs her face. Kristen laughing at her line deliveries. Erica laughing at her height. All of them laughing at TW dancing as dorky Clark.

**Erica wanting to be in the credits. She thought maybe just a stick figure with her name would do. They decided she could just be running around in the background.

**Humor about their own characters. I loved how Allison and Erica poked fun at Chloe and Lois for not noticing Lana was possessed. She has all of these potions and stuff out on her counter and they don't even bink. Allison thought this was particularly funny considering Chloe is supposed to have a nose for news.

**Kristen on Jensen: "He's a great actor. He's easy." Allison and Erica burst into a fit of giggles. The three start snickering over the entire scene between Lana and Jason.

**More making fun of Clark. One of them laughed at how Clark seems to always be saving Lana's boyfriends. Makes you wonder, she said. More giggles.

**Making fun of how no one seems to clue into anything, including Lex. They decided since Smallville is so weird, it's par the course.

**Shouting Jensen! when JA rushes in to help Clark after he's been tied up and manhandled by the possessed trio.

**Allison and Erica laughing at Clana (in a good-natured way). When they are all no longer possessed, Clark leaves Chloe and Lois to fend for themselves and goes to check on Lana instead.

It was a really cute commentary. One of these days, I should go and listen to the others. Actually, I should listen to commentaries period LOL I still need to listen to most of the Stargate ones, the Smallville ones, and the Supernatural ones. But it was fun and way way way better than the episode itself ;)
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