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Sanctuary Webisodes 5-8

Finally! It's taken me long enough to watch them. But, um, is that it? Tell me I missed one?

I adored the first four, but these were even an improvement over those. And I managed to remain unspoiled for these which is a miracle in and of itself.

Anyway, I don't know really want to say. They were good LOL I was all for this show before it even started airing on the internet and once I was finally able to watch the first four webisodes, I was sold. I really, really, love anything that has a supernatural vibe to it (which makes it weird why I gave up on Buffy in S3) and this show just hits so many buttons for me. It has as a dark moody vibe. It has macabre gothic historical stuff. It has this urban fantasy feel. It has monsters and lore from mythology. And it has science. Can you see why I would like this show? LOL

I love AT and how she plays Helen. She has great chemistry with the actress who plays Ashley. And I love Will. I hope when the series airs on Scifi we can learn more about the other main character. Crap. I forget his name! The guy that looks like Bigfoot. What is his name??? Grrr. But he's cool and I want to know more about him.

But this show so wins with including mythology :) Though, the lawyer vampire was cliche. Angel did it right, though ;)

But tell, did I miss an webisode or something? It ends? Like that?! What? *whines* That sucks.

Anyway, I am highly anticpating this becoming it's own series and airing on Scifi this fall. I really can't wait. It looks like TV is so going to rock for me this fall. I haven't been this excited about TV in a long time. I have so many awesome shows :)
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