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Dark Angel: Pilot - Flushed

So, originally I was going to sit down to watch the Farscape series finale that I've been putting off. or continue to watch the handful of Smallville eps I've missed over the years. Instead, I decided to start Dark Angel.

My thoughts...


Not a bad way to open up the series. I was really interested in the children that were genetically bread and I liked the Jam Pony atmosphere. I like all the characters that were introduced in this, and they seem like their own people so far. The intro of Logan was a little cliche, but actually worked better than I expected to go. I had no idea he could walk in the pilot. And I have to admit of them have really good chemistry. Honestly, I was expecting to hate his character but I'm rather enjoying it.

Oddly, I have no problem believing in these people have enhanced abilities because of their DNA, but have a bit of a problem believing the US would just break down after the Pulse caused by terrorists. It's an interesting concept and in our day and age not something to take lightly, but I don't feel like they really sold me on the believablity that could happen the way they set it up. And as I watched the next two eps, I still didn't quite by it.

But the premiere as a solid one and I found myself engaged with it more so than not.


I was expecting to hate this episode. Actually, this episode is one of those that made me both curious and wary when it first aired. I remember the commericals coming out for it, and I thought about watching it, but I thought it would be disaster. She goes into "heat?" Come on. (In fact, my first episode I watched was the second one that dealt with this issue and it turned me off the series. But that was years ago now. Maybe I'll view it differently now.)

Anyway, I'm glad the heat issue was only the first few minutes of the episode and then they dove right into the meat of the story. I loved how they revisted the woman that initially helped her and how Max, despite being a born and bred soldier, wants to know about her mother. I'm huge on "family" focused stories and I'm kind of kicking myself now that I didn't give this show a chance when it first aired. For whatever reason, I was under the impression it was just some post-apocalyptic cyberpunk show without substance. Most of you know I can't stand apocalyptic stuff, but I didn't realize this went beyond that.

I really enjoyed this episode, though. It was done, had a sense of urgency, and really speaks to the apsect of the show I like the most.


I'm glad they had an episode devoted to the genetic flaw issue. I write stories similiar to this so I like seeing how other people tackle the same kind of plotlines I write about.

I liked how Kendra and Original Cindy misinterpreted her actions as drug taking, though I am not sure how they wouldn't have stumbled upon any of this before. Lydecker continues to interest me. He doesn't say much, but his facial expressions tell me there are a lot of conflicting thoughts going on beneath the surface. I liked how Logan blackmailed the cop in this one, and how Original Cindy had an active part in the plot. I like her.

I like how we keep seeing more and more into Sam's past and how she came to be the person she is today.

I probably could say more and I know I'm missing stuff, but so far I've really enjoying it. I'm aware that the tone and content changes completly in S2, and that's a bummer. But I am looking forward to watching S2 for Jensen Ackles. I'm just pleased that at least so far the story isn't all about ship (and I'm a romantic at heart - just prefer good story) and that it has an intriguing premise. I hope the next episodes are pretty good as well. :)
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