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I'm doing an education project on Asperger's and how to better assist people with the disorder in the classroom. This is geared at teachers so that they can make the classroom a more comfortable and welcoming place for those with Asperger's.

If you or anyone you know have Asperger's and would like to share a brief paragraph or two story about the frustrations you've faced in the classroom as a student (or the joys if you had an awesome teacher) as well as what helped you achieve better education in class. This is open to everyone and could be for any grade. This isn't limited to the US.

Feel free to post anonymously. I've also screened comments. I won't use anyone's name. Again, this is to give teachers and educators a student's view of the problem. I'd really love to hear from people who have Asperger's. I really really want to hear what it was like for people and what helped them so that I can pass those kinds of tips on to fellow educators.

Thanks so much :)
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