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I checked out that multifandom Fandom Free For All, and I'm kind of sad I can't participate. Most of the prompts are for crossovers, slash or het pairings that don't really inspire me, wincest, or fandoms I'm not in. The fandoms I do enjoy and are most comfortable with (like SPN or SG-1) have very little in the way of gen prompts or pairings I write. The very few that are there have already been taken. Technically, you can do a prompt someone else did, but I would have rather done something for someone that didn't have any. Even the icon requests are taken.

I was going to post some requests, but if I can't find anything to do in return, it's not really fair.

Oh well. I shouldn't really be playing around anyway. I just like to particpate and share the love.
Tags: fandom
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