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SPN: 4x01 Lazarus Rising

Here are my belated thoughts on the Supernatural S4 premiere. It's a bit long and thinky.

A few days before the SPN premiere, I played a game with myself to see if I could think of a suitable opening. I was completely unspoiled for the episode - aside from one thing later in the ep - so I couldn't help but wonder.

The image that stayed with me the most was that of a black screen and we hear some noise with images of Dean's eyes. Then I though he would wake up in his coffin and have to claw his way out of the Earth. After the shock of doing that, he'd walk along a desolate road.

This imagery stayed with me and wouldn't let me go, but I dismissed and said, nah. Surely Sam and Bobby would salt and burn the body right?

Let me say I was pleasantly surprised ;) My mental image might not have been exact, but dang. Close enough. And that is probably the closest I will ever get to having some weirdo psychic link to this show.

Anyway, onto Lazarus Rising.

To be honest, I still don't know what I think. The opening was amazing and I think it's probably the best premiere openings this show has had. It's just one of those images that stick with you. I also loved the desolate feel to the part where Dean is walking alone, finds the store, and raids it. Even past that to where the store goes a bit 'spodely. Tv's that snap on all by themselves still make me excited.

There was no dialogue and it just was well crafted all the way around. As a Deangirl, I was pleased.

I loved the Bobby and Dean reunion. Nice mix of pain, humor, joy, suspicion, and sadness.

The Sam and Dean reunion hurt, but I guess in a good way. The emotion was there before Sam attacked, during, and after and you just wanted to hug them, even when they were hugging themselves. For Sam, months have gone by. For Dean. nothing has really changed. That is going to create some problems.

I loved Castiel and think the character has presence. I think Dean is still as human as they come, but if TPTB throw a curveball and he's not, I won't complain about it.

The one thing that kind of sucked for me was that I knew Castiel was an angel and they were going to go this route. This is what happens when you have inconsiderate people posting links about angels and character names above cuts and tagging it as supernatural. I'm not an idiot. I can put two and two together. Aside from that, I wasn't spoiled and that was great.

The fact they brought in angels doesn't bother me. This show, for me, has been building toward a good and evil showdown so it makes sense. They even introduced Castiel in a way that mirrors the darker, spooky feel of the show. Can you imagine him coming in with fluffy wings? No, I didn't think so.

Not sure what I think about the new Ruby. And her personality seemed different. I am wondering if she is acting that way to get Sam to listen to her.

Bobby was awesome as usual.

I don't have too many thoughts on Sam for this episode. My appreciate for Sam grew in S3, but I'm sort of blanking out here. I cringe at what he's doing though. He seems convinced he's doing good, and he is, but you know nothing good can come out of it in the end.

A couple of nice funny moments like when the psychic propositioned them, when Bobby flung holy water in Dean's face, and the ipod incident. That helped break the heaviness of the episode.

I don't think the overall story of the premiere was necessarily the strongest of the series, but it was enjoyable. It had a different vibe. It was still Supernatural, but it was diferent and things are changing. I don't do well with change (as evidenced by my LJ) so I do hesitate a lot. They had a lot of ground to cover in the premiere, and needed to introduce new characters, so I won't fault them for that.

Some concerns I have for the show:

One of the desirable aspects of this show is how otherwordly the things they face tend to be. There is this dark, hidden, unknown quality to the show. We don't really see beyond it. Aside from one brief image of Hell last season, we don't know much about what Hell is like - though I think we're getting set up for some flashbacks through Dean. If there is a Heaven, what that is like. Where dead people go, etc. I like that sense of mystery because we can relate to it. While I expect the show to push the envelope and dig deeper into this, I hope they don't take it too far or else a lot of that mystery will lose its appeal. It's the nature of the beast. You want more and more and more, but more isn't always better. And while it's a concern of mine, I honestly don't think it will get out of hand. Sometimes I just have to verbalize it, you know?

Probably my biggest concern deals with the state of the relationship between Sam and Dean. No, I am not a smarm person. I hate smarm. And I actually love it when the brothers fight and argue and misunderstand each other. I LOVE conflict like whoa. In fact, despite my nervousness about how their relationship will go down this year, I want a little suspicion to start off. I want Dean to be a little suspicious of what Sam's been doing and I want Sam to still have some suspicions that Hell did do something to Dean. They can be real or unfounded. I don't care LOL Usually that means we get some massively good brotherly payoff in the end.

But to me, it's obvious that they are setting things up for it to be Sam and Ruby off doing their thing and Dean and Castiel off doing their thing. It's great for the actors because it gives them some time off. It adds to the growing tension and distance because I have a feeling that is going to continue.

But as one of the many fangirls that tune in for the plot and the brotherly relationship, that kind of kills me. I'm convinced we're going to see them grow apart this season and go down different roads. There was a palpable distance in the premiere and it's only going to grow. I still expect us to have scenes with them together. We'll have funny moments and everything, but it's just clear to me that it's a set up for them to grow apart. That is going to be difficult to watch. The upside of this is that most likely they will come back together again at some point. Now, it could be to face off or join forces or both. But usually the forumla goes that you'll have a stressful tense period and then the payoff. So I am expecting a payoff. I just keep reminding myself the payoff will be great. :)

Please keep reminding me, okay? I need the reminders and reassurance...

And you don't have to tell me how storytelling works. I know. The things I can complaining about? I do it ALL the time. Yes, I'm a hypocrite ;)

You'd think I hated the premiere. I didn't. The fact I'm all thinky about it means they did their job right and it was great. It's just one of those things where I feel better if I just talk about it. I'm sure that everything will be awesome in the end.

Just keep reminding me, all right? ;)

You can now see why I don't like becoming invested in shows. It demonsrates just how powerful a good show can be, but man I don't need to stress over TV because I'm so attached to the characters. I'm trying to just view it as a book unfolding on the screen and not get too rattled either way since we're just entering the tension part of the story. I do it as a writer all the time. It's standard storytelling. If my brain still has problems with this concept, though, I might have to scale back on Supernatural as a whole. No way am I going to make my favorite show into stressful and miserable event. I did that with SG-1 and I don't want it to happen again.

I hate being such an intense and cautious person sometimes. I just love this show WAAAY too much.

Is it Thursday yet?

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