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SV: 8x02: Plastique

The following are a few thoughts on tonight's episode of Smallville.

It was an enjoyable episode. I loved the Lois and Clark banter and watching Clark investigate (officially). Lois took that guy's suit! Ha!

But was it me, or was this episode like a massive catering to fans?

There were hints of Clois, Chlark, Chloe/Davis (what are we calling that?), Clark/Tess whatever that is called, Chimmy with Jimmy not even in the episode um...

Anyway, I thought that all was a bit heavy handed, but I'm glad shippers had something to squee about.

Gen fans had a real treat too. Clark was awesome in this episode. OMG, Clark. How can you be cute, heroic, dorky, clueless, and sexy at the same time? Lois was in full reporter mode. Chloe tried so hard and you can't not empathize with her. I fell in love with Davis which makes me feel dirty.

I didn't really like the shots we had with Lois showing she obviously cared more than she should. I don't want to go there yet. I love my Clois, but you all know how much of a traditionalist I am. At least it didn't come off as bad as I thought it would. And she does think she's all that which makes me giggle and squee.

The pacing was a tad slow at times and the story a bit disjointed, but I really enjoyed the episode. More please :)
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