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SPN: 4x02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

For cryin' out loud, SPN. Ripping off adolescent girls books for your title...*laughs*

The following are some of my incoherent thoughts on the episode.

Good episode. So they really are doing the Christian religious thing this year eh? When I read there would be religious undertones and metaphors, I thought they actually meant metaphors. Silly me.

I'm a big fan of that kind of story - ironic for someone that hates post-apocolyptic stuff - so while it's a bit different for SPN, I think it's the logical next step.

Yeah for all the dead people I love and missed. Kind of sucks that they were brought back like that. Yay for Bobby letting them rest again. But those guest stars really are a testament of how awesome their past guests have been. Meg really brought it. Man, I miss her. That actress is truly amazing.

Um...not much to say. Interesting Dean told them about the angel right off the bat, though I guess it would be hard to deny. Loved that he still doesn't believe. Love how excited Sam was. Poor Sam. I bet with that naughty he's been doing behind people's backs that he sees this info as a way to save him still.

Bobby has a panic room. Haha.

You know, if they kill off hunters left and right that is going to bring us basically down to Sam and Dean. I do wonder if an eventual face-off (hopefully followed by a massive teamup to buck the system) is in the works.

Just no killing the Bobby, kay?

I have more to say but I'm thinky. Maybe I'll spam you all with a post with randomness later.

But yay for Dean *loves* And pwned by Castiel! That was awesome. As much as I love Dean, that boy has a mouth and it's always good when someone puts him in his place.

So I guess the season arc is to stop the seals, eh? Well, that's not exactly where I thought it was going and they'll probably fail in the end, but it should be an interesting ride along the way. Guessing they are setting Lucifer up for the final arc?

Anyway, it was a cool episode and I enjoyed it. And dang, preview for next week. Stop making me excited. I was supposed to be disappointed and not wanting to invest in the show so much! it's not good for me to be so obsessed!

ETA: Oops. I made it sound like I hated the title of this episode. No, I loved it LOL I cracked up the first time I heard it and it's never ever going to stop haunting me now LOL
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