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Graysons come to CW?

Please tell me no. Please.

Care of svgurl

CW's Graysons takes flier on Robin


Don't touch my Dick Grayson. Don't. My fave Batman character. Noooooo.

I guess they are looking to have it replace SV if that show isn't renewed. If SV is renewed, it could play alongside SV. So, what that would do to SPN, I don't know.

It's being produced by Smallville's Souders and Peterson, and Supernatural's McG.

Mind you, I was super skeptical of Smallville when it first aired and was surprised that I enjoyed it. But I remain skeptical for a show like this. What kind of story can you tell about a boy before he is taken under by Bruce Wayne? I don't want to think about how bad this will conflict with Batman canon. I sort of go lalalalala with Smallville as it is.

I still think they should just go with a Green Arrow spin-off. Oh well. We'll see.
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