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Supernatural Wishlist

This is a a fun wishlist I put together for things I would like to see this season and/or next season. I don't necessarily expect all of them to happen or even think that some would be a good idea, but we all have our own little kinks. It's just for fun. If you aren't caught up with the series as of S4, you may not want to read due to spoilers.
    • Some kind of homage to Ghostbusters or Grelims because it would be fun. Oh, 80's childhood!
    • Sam's powers backfire and he hurts someone, preferrably Dean because I am mean. I think that it would be a good lesson for Sam and give him some conflict over the use of his powers if he starts seeing bad consequences.
    • Crazy!Dean. Because wouldn't that be fun for an episode?
    • More Castiel because I love him. And some of his brothers can pop by too.
    • Temporary powers for Dean. Like an episode. Just because. I like him being the average joe, but I think it would be fun for an episode. Kind of like how the stuff in NRFTW was just for the plot.
    • Sam turns on Ruby.
    • Crazy unholy alliances, both on Earth and in Hell. I think it would awesome if Dean had to make some alliances to survive down in Hell and we learn about it, and that during the season we see different angels and demons with different agendas, possibly making alliances to further their own ends.
    • Lilith and Sam face off v.2; Lilith comes back for her stolen property. (The ripping from Hell probably wiped Dean's contract clean or something, but since it hasn't been said, I'll stay under the delusion the contract is still in effect.)
    • Some kind of TV cliche: bodyswapping, whatever. I know they said it would never happen, but I'm rather fond of TV cliches ;)
    • The Impala gets possessed or some sort of Christine homage.
Okay, so that is my wishlist. Do you have one?
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