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Sanctuary Pilot: Sanctuary for All

Wow, I'm disappointed. I actually liked the webisode versions of this way way better. Huh.

I saw the webisodes some time ago and while they weren't perfect, I really really enjoyed them. The first 4 totaled about an hour and those 4 covered the storyline of the pilot.

I don't know. There were some improvements in the TV airing like fleshing out some of the side characters (and main characters) and making them a bit more likeable. There were parts recast. That's fine.

But overall, I found the pilot to drag and be a bit boring. The webisodes were tighter in that respect, though I do appreciate that the TV airing changed a few backstory things to make more sense.

I'm not sure what to think. I was really looking forward to this show, but the dialogue made me cringe half the time. Maybe I'm just accustomed to different kind of dialogue these days. I know much of the dialogue was the same in the webisodes and it didn't bug me then.

I'll give the show a try since I do like the premise. I was just really disappointed in how it ended up coming together. I expected much more.
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