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SPN Question #1

There are a couple of things on my mind about Supernatural - actually more than a couple but I feel like talking about two of them today - so I am going to post them on my LJ. The first one is completely spoiler-free and only refers to the S4 eps that have already aired. The second question is based on the premise of next week's episode but I'll post that in a separate entry.

Please keep spoilers out of the comments. Thanks :)

I've heard that there is a fandom debate about Sam/Ruby and whether or not they are sleeping together. In the eps I've watched, I've noticed a deliberate attempt based on scene construction and word choice to imply they may be sleeping together, but these cues could equally be taken as misleads. By now, I'm fairly certain that the writers are doing it on purpose to stir the pot.

Honestly, while I dislike romance on SPN, I don't care if Sam's in a relationship with a demon. It's when I look at thd details I get squicked.

If he is sleeping with Ruby, he's sleeping with a girl that is an unwilling part of the relationship since she's just the host. If she's dead and Ruby is in a dead person's body, then he's sleeping with a corpse.

That's icky. Now, if they write it so that hmmm...when Sam was grieving Dean's death he hooked up with a girl for a fling and THEN he found out it was a girl possessed by Ruby, that wouldn't bug me so much, as long as he wasn't all like yay! and kept going. Still a bit creepy, but a bit better.

I don't know. Maybe I'm in the minority. I'm not going to throw a fandom hissy fit if they're having sex, but I don't want it LOL

I actually welcome morally ambigous stuff on this show because they are always consequences. But am I the only one hoping it's not the case?
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