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SPN Question #2

My previous question was in another post. This question, however, is based on the premise/part of the blurb describing next week's episode, so if you consider that spoilery don't click. Something about it has been nagging at me and I wanted to discuss with anyone interested.

Please be careful with spoilers in the comments. I really only want to discuss this aspect.

The official description for next week's episode seems to imply that if Dean dies of the sickness he will go back to Hell. When I read this, I got very excited. I was already invested in the premise of the episode to begin with, but this made it even better.

I went out to the fandom to see some spec and to see if anyone was as excited as I was. I was surprised to find most people were livid at the possibility Dean could go back to Hell upon death.

I don't quite understand the sentiment. At this point in time, we don't know if Dean's contract is still in effect. Castiel pulled Dean out of Hell. We haven't been told whether that act was a deal breaker or just a temporary fix. The way logic is working in my mind is that Dean was pulled out and is therefore "stolen property." He never was able to break the contract. If he dies, it would make sense it would go straight back to Hell. Even in Mystery Spot, when he "died" before his year was up, it was implied in the Sam/Trickster sequences that Dean went to Hell. We don't know if that was true or not, but if it was, his year wasn't even up at that point and he still went to Hell because of the deal.

But I have seen other spec on this that could also work. If Dean is suffering from panic and fear in this episode, he could think he was going back to Hell. That fear would be very real. He could come to believe that if he dies he will go back to Hell and that could be his worst fear. So that makes sense too.

But as much as the second option is plausible and interesting, I will be disappointed if it happens. I think there is much more drama and tension in the first option.

But I don't know. I feel very alone LOL

Am I the only one that hopes that upon death Dean would go back to Hell? I don't mean permanently for the series, but it adds more to this season, imo. If Sam and Dean have that constant threat hnaging over their heads, they will have to be more careful. Sam might be more tempted to use his powers to protect Dean or stop Dean from dying. They would also want to find some way to permanently break the deal. Sam could have even more focus on going after Lilith. There are a lot of possibilities. There would be that constant real threat over them. Plus, it would mean that the angel pulls Dean out of Hell wasn't a quick and tiddy fix. And it would give more weight to the angels using him for their purposes.

I'm not going to have a mental breakdown or outrage if it doesn't happen. I just feel like I'm the only one intrigued by the idea. Everyone I've seen is cursing Kripke out for the possibility and are livid.
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