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Smallville: 8x05 Committed

My thoughts are below the cut.

I was a little worried about this episode, but it ended up being entertaining and interesting. All the actors played their scenes well.

I'm on and off about Chimmy, but this episode made me like them again. They were just really cute and sincere in this one.

The Lois and Clark stuff was funny, though I am still not so into the Lois into Clark thing to the extent they are doing it. It was nice to see that it's a bit mutual on Clark's side, though, even if he's not totally aware of it.

I also don't mind Oliver and Tess, but they were kind of pointless in this episode.

All in all it was a nice episode. the highlight for me was Lois and Clark investigating. both came off smart and enjoyable in that aspect.

Next week's looks good.
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