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Supernatural: 4x05 Monster Movie

Thoughts on the episode under the cut.

I knew I would like this one before it aired. It reminds me a lot of The X-Files episode called "Post-Modern Prometheus," but at the same time was very different and its own animal. I appreciated that.

It was very funny and I loved the opening credits and "Intermission." Loved the black and white. I was spoiled for the lederhosen and have been laughing ever since about it. Lovely brotherly stuff yet it still managed to fit into the season. Love that.

Also, before I forget - this is the episode where supposedly Kripke named Jamie after a sick fan. he sent her a letter and some autogrpahs to tell her he'd named a character after her and what episode she would be in. I saw the letter on the girl's LJ and she was tickled pink.

I don't have much to say, but it will definitely be fun to rewatch. The brothers prove to be sexy and gorgeous in black and white :)

Non-spoilery comment for next week: I missed most of the preview, but I am still excited about the episode. Looks like more and more I won't get what I want and that the description is misleading - as I mentioned in a previous post - but I've been looking forward to this episode for ages. So while I would really like _____ to happen, the episode looks awesome. I think I am going to be thrilled no matter what :)
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