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Trying to reclaim the squee

I'm feeling sad and blue. It's some of the usual stuff, but fandom stuff has been bugging me too. Fandom should be fun, not depressing. So I may just have to stay around my LJ or limit what I say around here. No more harshing my squee :(

So I'm trying to cheer myself up by offering some art or write little drabbles. I like giving to people.

Fandoms I can write for: SG-1, Supernatural, Smallville, Dark Angel, Star Wars (too scared to do XF)

Fandoms I can do art for: Anything as long as you provide pics/what you are looking for.

So just drop me something if you're interested and I'll do something for you.


You can share some of your stuff with me since I know I have a lot of creative people on my flist and because not everyone wants stuff from me. So...picspam. Icons. Funny stuff. Drabbles? I'm afraid I can't commit to read anything longer than a drabble or so. I have tons of interests aside from the above fandoms I named, so whatever :)

And heck, make it a free for all. Share the love all around with other people too. It doesn't have to just be for selfish ol'me ;)

NOTE: While I'm open to just about anything, I prefer the above fandoms and The X-Files. I don't do incest and I prefer gen stuff. Please no spoilers for anything that hasn't aired yet.
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