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Sanctuary, Isis, and Other Fandom Things

I watched Sanctuary last night. I'm still very underwhelmed by it *sigh* I seriously want to like this show. I loved the webisodes. But I find I'm just bored through most of it. Last night, the last ten minutes were good, though. Maybe because they were actually doing stuff. I find the pacing on this show it's biggest problem.

For the SG-1 and SGA het fans on my flist...remember there is still time to nominate your fave het stories for the Isis Awards. It's a great chance to let some of the rarer pairings get their due :)

I have come to the conclusion that I won't get EXACTLY what I wanted out of next week's SPN ep, but that was just the cherry on top anyway. I am so excited for this episode it's not funny.

I finally saw that last Indy movie. Hmm. I'll post on it soon. I'm still a bit conflicted about it.

I should get to some of your drabbles this weekend. That should be fun :)

I have a Dark Angel fic due for a halloween theme comm very very soon. Eep. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to do that. I blame the Jensen addiction. Need to get that done.

Chainsaws in October make me think of horror movies *peeks out window*

And you know, I'd love to have hot water back *shivers* It's going to be a looong winter.
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