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Fringe, Indiana Jones, and Farscape

Because I am too lazy and hating this keyboard to do a separate post.

Eh. Still not fannish for this show. And it's still a bit gory for my tastes (and that is coming from me who watches XF and SPN). But it has a decent plot and the characters don't annoy me. If I keep with the show, it will probably be a casual one. I think I like Lost better at this point. Tonight's ep wasn't bad though. However, if it were real, I would have some serious doubts about staying in Massachusetts...

Okay, when people said this was like an SG-1 rip-off I didn't really believe them. Oh my.

Aliens from another dimension? Okay, look. I understand that the Jones movies deal with pseudo-science. These are the theories that my professors would always refute in class befoe the ineviable question come up from a student. So could it exist in a movie where an archaeologist studies pseudo-science? Absolutely. Does it fit well within the Indiana Jones saga? Not so much.

Every single movie has dealt with the myth of religion and cult. They all had a spiritual aspect. If they had left out the aliens and made the crystal skull stuff about belief and not trans-dimensional aliens, it would have fit perfectly. This way it seemed to stick out like a sore thumb.

Other than that it was fun. The beginning kind of bored me, but once Marion came on it felt like a Jones movie. Yay. So it was a cute movie. Fun, but not perfect

I finally watched the last episode of Farscape. Okay, I was totally lost at the beginning. I don't know if I was supposed to be or if the time delay in watching caused me to forget.

It took me a while to get into this episode. I didn't start feeling it until John was on the moon and talking to his dad. For me, the home/father (and political) elements of the story was always the strongest and it might be why I didn't have much emotional invesment in the series until they brought it in the fourth season.

But the scene between John and his dad was powerful and brought me to tears. I really do wish the sshow could have focused more on this kind of thing and less on the weird stuff. The dramatic stuff was definitely their strength and if they had kept to it, maybe I could have been a big fan of this show. It's also a shame that S4 is my fave season because the plot was so good, but Aeryn was her weakest as a character. Oh well.

D'Argo's cry at the end was really well done. I love him.

Anyway, I just have the miniseries left to watch now. Decent show, but it probably won't go down as one of my top faves.

Oh, btw. I am doing NaNo this year. Feel free to add me. I'm moonshayde over there as well.

Next posts will be my reactions to S2 of Dark Angel (finally) and something else I am forgetting...

But that won't be tonight :)
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