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Smallvile 8x06: Prey

Okay, belated thoughts on Prey.

Okay, so I watched Prey last week and I loved it. Sadly, no Lois, but we got a Lois mention and I'm not actually one that needs to see her every week. It's hard in a pre-Superman show because she can't be there when the action is going down because we don't have an official Superman yet. So she wouldn't have been able to do much anyway.

1. Chloe and Davis were great. I loved them. Great chemistry.

2. Why are they making me like Davis? No. Bad. I don't want to like him! Grr. But he's awesome. I loved it when he broke down to Chloe.

3. Clark and Chloe confrontation. That was very well done. I rather enjoyed that. Both had real reasons for feeling the way they did and so it made the argument much more real. I appreciated that.

4. Jimmy had something to do! I love Jimmy. I always have. But it gets tiring when he's just there for Chimmy angst. This is what Jimmy is good at. I want to see more photographer/reporter aspiring Jimmy. And I love that he is so enamored with the red and blue blur. That is such a Jimmy thing! He's such a hero worshipper :)

5. MM. A cop. OMG. Much love. I want to keep him. He is perfect in this role as sort of helper/mentor to Clark. He's great. I squeed whenever he was on the screen.

6. Clark was a little overzealous in this one, but it didn't bother me. He was called on it more than once and he is learning. One day, he'll find the balance. But right now, he's on the journey there. Love it.

7. Chloe and Isis. I really love Chloe at Isis. I love that she wants to help these meteor infected so much. Who else will do it? And it still lets her investigate and help Clark on the side.

So much to love in this episode and just not enough time to cover everything. And was meteor freak kid the kid from SPN's Bugs? He was bugging me (haha) all episode because I know I'd seen him before.

I am beside myself waiting for the episode tonight :)
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