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Supernatural 4x06: Yellow Fever

Finally, some thoughts on "Yellow Fever."

It's been a tough week and I've been an emotional wreck, so I didn't want to talk about my fave show until now. If I had posted last week, I would have posted a bunch of stuff that didn't make sense. Now that I've had a week, I can talk about the show and actually form sentence and not be snippy LOL

I liked the episode. I need to, um, "acquire it" so I can watch it again to get a better idea about it since I watched it in the middle of chaos, but from what I saw I enjoyed it. And I've tried my best to stay away from some of the controversy because I just want to have fun. :)

Just a few things:

1. More drama. I liked the funny, but I was hoping for more of a balance between the freaky stuff and the OOC stuff. This is probably my fault for getting spoiled and having high expectations. If I hadn't been spoiled, this likely wouldn't have pinged me, but it did. I loved the funny stuff and the episode was a hoot. Like the writing in the book, the mini!Hellhound - little dogs are vicious!, the screaming at the cat, the flashlight scene, the fight with the sheriff guy - all good stuff. I just would have preferred a longer transition between the funny stuff and the stuff with Yellow-Eyed Sam and Lilith.

2. Sam limbo. I've discussed this on other journals, and I know it's a hot topic in fandom, but I'm not all that comfortable with Sam this season whether it is intentional or not. Now, don't lump me in with the Sam haters or anything. I'm just stating how I feel. I think I understand what the writers are doing or trying to do. I don't mind him being distant, but I'm feeling a disconnect with the character that is bordering on dangerous for this viewer. If Sam is colder and more detached as was foreshadowed in Mystery Spot, I need to see him going through the motions. Sam and Dean deal with things way way differently. Sam isn't going to react like Dean. But I still need to see something. There is a fine line betweetn mysterious and neglect. We've seen a couple of glimpes in LR and Metamorphosis, but I was hoping we'd start to get more in Yellow Fever. It was kind of hard since a lot of it was funneled through Dean, but I did see a few missed opportunities there. I need to get into his head, just a tad. I'm a Deangirl and very proud of it. I love Dean. I love his storyarc this year. I love the attention he is getting. He's my fave. But I also have a great love for Sam and I like the show best when it is balanced. So far we haven't really had much Sam and even if the writers are intentionally keeping us in the dark, we need to get into Sam's head ASAP. The show is on the verge of losing at least me in terms of sympathy for Sam. I'm becoming rather apathetic toward him and I don't want to be that way. I have high hopes that my needs will start to be filled tonight, though. Time for some Sam love to go with the Dean love.

And that is all I am going to say about that.

3. As a fan of both heroic Dean and vunerable Dean, I loved this episode. I loved seeing Sam in charage and Dean a mess. And Dean knowing he was a mess.

4. The heart? Again? Hahahaha. That amuses me. Poor poor Dean and his heart.

5. The way they killed that ghost was so sad and horrible :( That really added to the show though.

6. Did Dean's heart stop there for a second? It looked like it did.

7. For anyone who suffers from anxiety, phobias, and different kinds of fears, I bet this episode really made sense at times. I know it did for me.

8. Not quite getting this fandom fiasco over the "Dean is a dick" thing. Whether he is or not wasn't the point. It was a conversation between Sam and Dean. Later in the episode, I thought they were quite clear at saying that people who have used fear as a weapon were victims of the disease. My guess is that Dean did something bad in Hell and that is going to come back to haunt him. If not something from Hell, something else that we haven't learned yet. But it would make the most sense - to me anyway - that it would be Hell related. If hallucination!Lilith is right, then he was there for 40 years Hell time. That's quite some time to be tortured. Dean might have done some things to stay "alive."

And does he remember? I don't know. I guess we'll find out. If he does remember everything, I can't see how he could act that well adjusted. I figure it's all there in his subconscious waiting to come out. Unless it's all happened in offscreenville.

9. The outtake was AWESOME.

10. The flash in Sam's eyes at the end. I think that was just Dean seeing his worst fear again, reminding him of what could happen. And reminding the audience what could happen. Whether all of this ends up being a false lead or a red herring or it comes to pass remains to be seen.

Season 4 has been excellent so far, imo. Bobby FTW. I just wish I was so stressed so I could enjoy it more :)
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