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I was supposed to have this done yesterday, but sitting down to write has been difficult - so many distractions.

I'll be finishing up a Dark Angel Halloween themed fic in the next little while and was wondering if anyone would like to beta it? I need someone to look over it for spelling and grammar because I get too caught into the story to find it myself. I've only ever written once for this show, so I fear my characterization is a atrocious. I don't have time to make major changes, but if someone volunteers and see something majorly wrong with the characters and canon, I'd like to know.

I'm lookign for a fairly quick turn around, but if no one can do it, it's okay. It's Alec-centric and it's about a haunted house. If anyone can, just let me know in the comments and how you'd like me to send it to you. Or just email me.


(Computer seems to be fine now, but it's still annoyingly slow. That I can't fix LOL)
Tags: tv: dark angel

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