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Computer is back in all of its super slow glory. So I should be able to go back and better respond to people's comments.

Things To Do Today:
  • Drabbles! Now that my Dark Angel fic has been posted, I can finish up some drabbles I promised people. I'll get a few done today
  • Finish reading the boring book from Hell for my class
  • Post some fic that I had written but never bothered to post here
  • NaNo - btw, feel free to add me and if you would like me to add you, please just tell me. I missed some posts on this I'm sure.  Also, if you have any filters I would like to be on them if you'll have me. I love talking shop :)
You know, I'm still kind of on the fence about how active I want to be in Supernatural fandom (as well as my other fandoms). I love SPN. It's my fave show. And despite some complaints that I have from time to time, I'm still really loving it. I like how the show isn't afraid to do things and have consequences. But I get uneasy more often than not recently and I don't want to let that ruin my enjoyment. So it's a tough choice. I'm not sure what I want to do. Part of me says I should stop talking about it and writing fic and making art and just enjoy it in private. The other part of me says screw it all and just do whatever I want and damn the consequences. At the end of the day, I just want to squee, have fun, and share my love with other people. With the fandom so crazy sometimes, it's hard for me to find just the right balance.

That goes for my other fandoms as well.

Gah, decisions. I hate them LOL

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