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Last Stab Politics

Don't be upset if I skim over any political posts on LJ today for the US Election. I'm not in a partisan mood. As much as I love politics, I am electioned out, especially since I belong to neither big party. *waves moderate independent flag* I swing either way, baby! ;)

This will be my only (I think) post on the topic. I hope if you are registered you go out and vote for who you feel is best for the country at this time. For the liberals and the conservatives and everyone in between on my flist, I wish you the best. This election has been historic no matter how you look at it and what party you belong to. My sincere hope is that no matter who wins we can rally together as a country and try to overcome our current crises together.

Yes, I am an optimist.

Not that I need to say it, but I will anyway. If you comment here, please be respectful. I have liberals and conservatives on my flist and you both (and everyone in between) deserve respect. Thanks :)
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