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Yay for Wednesday!

Now for some random and fandom...

Election Day is over and I don't have to watch negative ads on TV anymore. Yay!!!

I'll have some more promised drabbles for later in the day.

I need to give some stats on NaNo.

You know, I have this really really silly idea for crackfic in SPN. Like, something I swore I never would write. You know how insane I get about canon so it's killing me that I even have the idea in the first place. It isn't meant to be taken seriously or even a reflection of how I see the characters. Just something funny and strange. But I don't know. Dean, Jo, and wings? I think that is a little too oddball for even me.

Also, random. I want to welcome all the new recruits to SPN. I've noticed over the past few months many of you have given the show a try and many of you are loving it (or at least liking it). Welcome! I really hope you continue to enjoy the show. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I can share something I like with people.

I want to make icons for SPN and SG-1. And more thinky thoughts on Continuum and Supernatural. I also need more icons for SV. And squee. Always need more squee. Maybe later. I have to get some stuff done first.

Have a good one! I'll probably be spamming soon (need to update fic on my LJ) so apologies in advance :)
Tags: fandom, wing!fic
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