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Supernatural 4x09: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Not too much to say about this episode. I enjoyed it, but I've had a bad bad week so I am highly distracted.

Like I said, I enjoyed it. I don't think it was their strongest episode this season, though. It started off really good and though I loved the Sam flashbacks, I found that it slowed the pacing of the episode. So the middle sort of dragged and felt like a stall. I don't think it was intended that way, though.

Poor Sam. Nice to see what he went through though. And now we finally have a little more insight with Ruby, though we still don't know her true intentions or why she is the way she is. JP did a great job in those scenes. Loved the CRD part.

Everyone who knows me knows I don't care for sex scenes on SPN. I don't need to se ethe guys naked or make out. I do give the writers credit for trying not to make the Sam/Ruby thing too skeevy. That's all I'm saying about it. Didn't bug me, but I expect fandom blow out. I still won't ship Sam/Ruby though. I don't like ship for this show. Except John/Mary. I just made a conscious decision not to be a control freak and let TPTB create their vision as they see fit. I'm done with flipping out about stuff on this show. ;)

ETA: Did you see Dean's face when Sam compared him to Ruby? When he said that Ruby kind of said what Dean would say? I don't think Dean liked that comparison too much. LOL

New demon is cool and I'm curious to see where the plot goes. Very interesting with the angels.

Sam and Dean jump through the window FTW.

Loving the titles this season, btw.

I so called it earlier this week that both Sam and Dean would be having a sex scene on one of the comms I visited. Looks like it's Dean's turn next week. Maybe then we can get the CW stuff out of their system and get back to the plot :)

Just in case...possible vague spoilers of the promo for next week's ep in the comments.
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