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The following is a list of resources that I use for my art. If uou believe that I may have used some of your brushes/textures/gradients and are not listed, please let me know. Sometimes I miss people and I want to give you credit. Also, if you have a direct link/LJ that you would like me to use to credit you, please let me know and I will update to reflect it.

Brushes/textures/gradients for icons, wallpaper, and other art by:

moonshayde, unmasked icons, inxsomniax, trash graphics, bloodytearslife, unioncity, realtanata, littlekfru, wound3d, elven breeze, liminalstate, contradictz, sugarplum kitten, brokenicon, charmingjen, lyricbrushes (unconfessed), vardataurwen, cdg, hankanaidreams, vanity dream, fadeastride, braggadocio, ewanism, yumei_k, masterjinn, anyathelickedy, meleada, colorfilter, _joni_, sanami276, nightwish, amethystia, photoshopranger, crumblingwalls, aino_hanako, absolutetrouble, aloneinthetown, awmp, kathy_the_cat, redampersand, lil_brokenangel, bystrawbrry, ca_pris, sunshinii, 77words, oxoiensis, tehindy, marlenem, peoplemachines, departinglondon, insomniac, seeaseye, bingbang-mint, mayush17, iconraven, generosa, worship-elle, banquier, janine42584, caoticgirl, damerel, 51291, onlyabreath, innocent_lexys, luux_lu, extraobsession, erniemay, sevtex

Websites for Wallpaper and other art:

Hybrid Genesis, Tere, Vered, Crumblingwalls, Photoshopranger, Braggadocio, Oxoniensis Art
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