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SPN Series Info

Obligatory post that rationalizes my insanity explains my series, Playing the Angel, which is wing!fic. You may hit me now.

1. I define this as crackfic. It's not as cracky as most fic and sometimes I think it will feel downright un-cracky. But because this is way out of the norm for me to write, I self define it as crackfic for me. I know wing!fic is normal and cliche for fandom, but it's still crack to me.

2. I am a canon writer. I love canon. If you look at all my fandoms, most of the time I have this obsessive compulsion to stay close to canon as well as the tone of the show. I am that way as a reader, too, so this is why I have a hard time reading AU's, crossovers, wing!fic (ironic), and hex!fic. This series goes off the canon track pretty far for me. While I will likely stay as close to the show as I can - obsessive compulsive - there will be quite a few detours. Wings being one of them.

3. The series will have gen and het sections. I am a proud genner for SPN and am only exploring some ship in this series for a change of pace. And because I am stepping off the canon path. I don't even ship the pairing, but I thought it would be fun to try.

4. The series is basically a bunch of stand alones. I am also writing them out of order. However, some of them will be more interconnected than others. Reading them together would have the full effect, but it's not necessary.

5. You do not need to read the ship ones to understand the gen ones or vice versa. They are set in the same 'verse but are independent of each other.
Tags: fic: spn gen, fic: spn het, wing!fic
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