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Superman TAS: Season 3

Yay cartoons! *loves them*

So, since I have a bunch of chores done for the day, I popped out my superman cartoon DVDs that I've had for a while and never watched. Well, I saw a good chuck of these back when they first aired in the 90s - my bro was a fan - and I finally got around to watching most of the 3rd season. I watched the first two seasons last year.

Since I see Smallville as an amalgamation of all different media before it, I decided to look for similarities.

TAS was always very well done. Unfortunately, while I love comics, I never could collect many so I don't own Superman comics. I hear that the cartoon did a very close interpretation of the comics, though.

I really love Dana Delany's Lois. If the cartoon had gone on longer, I have no doubt that we would have seen Clark and Lois draw a little closer. But it is a kid's cartoon so it does have a certain vibe. S3, though, was overall much darker.

Of course you have Darksied and all of that. But I am looking at SV parallels.

"Somehow I don't smell a Pulitzer here...or soap for that matter." - Lois covering a geek show.

Jimmy tired of being in Lois' shadow - snags himself a byline.

Clark's little sarcastic jokes = SV Clark all of this season


Lois and Aquaman.

Lex (on Aquaman): "He's an ecological terrorist."

The whole episode named "Superman's Pal" really had some great Clark and Jimmy (and Superman) moments. This is the Jimmy I've been seeing on SV lately.

Lois admitting she had some second thoughts about Bruce - parallel to Oliver.

The entire Legion episode.

Jimmy has a thing for blondes that work at the Daily Planet. With bracelets. ;)

I could go on and on, but those are some of the highlights aside from the really obvious stuff. It just makes me giddy when I see Smallville getting it right. I've liked SV's take on Maggie Swayer, too. I am curious how they will handle more comic books characters. (Not stating names as I don't want to spill.)

I have not watched the series finale two parter yet, however. I know those are some dark episodes. I tend to prefer my Superman shows light and fun, mostly.

On a sadder note, the Kara in S3 is really the Kara I wanted to have on SV. Why couldn't they have written Kara and Clark that way? He didn't even need to be Superman yet to have that dynamic. It's why I was originally excited to have Kara on last season. I was expecting a character like the one of the cartoon. Or heck, even in that horrible Supergirl movie I worshipped as a kid. The Kara we got just annoyed me most of the time. I'm glad she received a noble exit off the series, though.

In non-TAS news, SV fandom? Ha. Your batshittery never fails to amuse me. Never change.

ETA: There may be some spoilers in the comments.
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